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Weekly Flowers

Many of our early customers commented on how they loved fresh flowers in their house and yet either couldn’t find the time or lacked a little inspiration to do anything them except plonk them in a vase. We do that for you! Bring along a couple of vases each week or fortnightly and we will create something that will complement your home.It’s not just for the privileged (as Joanna Lumley would say), services start from £10.


As simple as it sounds, it can be a daunting task and normally you’d like a little extra decoration at periods when time is limited, like Christmas or before a party. This is where Sophie’s Flower Company steps in.Using foliage from your garden (or provided by us) we can decorate hallways, banisters, chandeliers, mantles, doorways, porches….you name it! Impress without the stress!

We also offer services to local business, find out more on our corporate events page.