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A new florist shop in Melton Mowbray


November was our fourth anniversary of Sophie’s Flower Company, boutique florist of the Vale of Belvoir! So we treated ourselves to something new and lovely… Another florist shop!  Sophie’s  Flower Company on King Street was opened by the wonderful and slightly crackers Annie Davies from BBC East Midlands, is now trading and, cripes, are we chuffed!...
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Spring Seasonal Course, New Recruits!


Well, what a busy couple of weeks we have had! Firstly we survived Valentine’s Day, survived and smashed it! Poor old Debbie and Kathy were on their knees and as each hopeful romantic wandered in closer to closing time, we all began to lose a little enthusiasm, Lovely boy, 6.15pm Valentine’s Day: ‘Hello any chance...
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The Meaning of Flowers, Love & Harry Potter!


‘Say it with flowers’…. How many times do we hear that said? And yet with Valentines just around the corner, maybe we should have a quick look at  what they actually mean? The lovely folk at Country Living have gone to the trouble of compiling a comprehensive list, be sure to read it to avoid...
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The War of the Wedding Roses…. Not quite, my darling.


So this week my Beloved’s darling Grandad, John, sent a cutting (not Geranium, paper) of an article on Marks & Spencer providing wedding flowers… I don’t mind admitting my heart sunk a microscopic bit when I read the headline. This soon subsided and brought about what Sam describes as my Italian House wife attitude. Arms...
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Hey Cupid!


Oh boys! Sorry it’s that time of year again… Stupid Cupid stop picking on me! Picking on boys by putting up the prices of Valentines flowers! Why do they have to rocket sky high, surely us florists must be cashing in on this time of year? Deliberately raiding the wallets of the poor romantic souls...
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Here is to a prosperous 2014


Well hello 2014! And where the heck did 2013 vanish to? Looking back over the last twelve months, I’m really chuffed with our little flower company. We’ve created wedding flowers for over 40 weddings in the Vale of Belvoir, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and even some trundled off to Spain! We are so lucky to be...
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By Heck! Best of British…


This last month has seen some fabulous events for Britain…. There has been Murray, Froome, those lovely, crisp, white Cricket boys aren’t doing to badly either! And the along comes the Boy who has captured the nation… The Prince of Cambridge! Truly the Best of British this Summer! And whilst we’re celebrating all that’s marvellous...
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What a Wimbledon scorcher!


Well, wedding season is well under way and although the glorious sunshine is perfect for most details of the perfect day, the flowers don’t always love the heat. Thankfully we’ve been utilising our new work unit, cranking up the air conditioning and making the most of the cellar under the shop in order to keep...
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Belvoir, Brides and Brrrrrr!


These little flower spanners have been tinkering all over this week. We had the wonderful pleasure of supplying and delivering flowers for  the 14 guest bedrooms at Belvoir Castle on Wednesday. My, oh, my what a majestic place…. Perfect for a wedding! The views of Leicestershire, Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire… all from one spot! Each room...
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We’re a Florist near Melton Mowbray


Sophie’s Flower Company is a florist based in Long Clawson near Melton Mowbray. The sun is with us, but being British weather that might not last. Thankfully we have the remedy… Sunflowers, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils…. perfectly formed stems of pure sunshine to brighten your day! And with every wrap of flowers sold, you receive a...
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