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Botanical Provisions for Peers & Publicans!


If we were in a competition for ‘top banana’ against all of the other floral scallywags, then these lovely venues would certainly give us their vote. We are as proud as punch to be the dedicated and recommended purveyors of lovely stuff to our friends at four of the best venues in the East Midlands:...
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Rule Blooming Britannia!


Hello there floral followers, we hope you are feeling positively patriotic today because we want to talk to you about British Flowers Week… From 19th to the 25th June there is a nationwide celebration of the UK cut flower industry. Florists, growers, suppliers, transporters and industry experts will be behind the parapets and flying the...
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Ahoy there!


Gosh, it’s been ages, where have you been? We’ve missed you so much. What? Wait! We’re the ones who’ve been missing, you say? Oh, well yes…urm…wow, where do we start? Perennially profuse and variegated apologies to you all! While we’ve been gone, a lot has been going on down at the bottom of the floral...
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By Heck! Best of British…


This last month has seen some fabulous events for Britain…. There has been Murray, Froome, those lovely, crisp, white Cricket boys aren’t doing to badly either! And the along comes the Boy who has captured the nation… The Prince of Cambridge! Truly the Best of British this Summer! And whilst we’re celebrating all that’s marvellous...
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Fresh Flowers professionally arranged and delivered to your front door.


What a lovely idea… We all love fresh flowers in our home or workspace and we know sometimes where convenience is key, the supermarket just doesn’t cut it. So here’s our offering to you… Flowers of your choice, professionally arranged to complement your environment and delivered to your front door. All you have to do...
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