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Botanical Provisions for Peers & Publicans!


If we were in a competition for ‘top banana’ against all of the other floral scallywags, then these lovely venues would certainly give us their vote. We are as proud as punch to be the dedicated and recommended purveyors of lovely stuff to our friends at four of the best venues in the East Midlands:...
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A new florist shop in Melton Mowbray


November was our fourth anniversary of Sophie’s Flower Company, boutique florist of the Vale of Belvoir! So we treated ourselves to something new and lovely… Another florist shop!  Sophie’s  Flower Company on King Street was opened by the wonderful and slightly crackers Annie Davies from BBC East Midlands, is now trading and, cripes, are we chuffed!...
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The Meaning of Flowers, Love & Harry Potter!


‘Say it with flowers’…. How many times do we hear that said? And yet with Valentines just around the corner, maybe we should have a quick look at  what they actually mean? The lovely folk at Country Living have gone to the trouble of compiling a comprehensive list, be sure to read it to avoid...
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Hey Cupid!


Oh boys! Sorry it’s that time of year again… Stupid Cupid stop picking on me! Picking on boys by putting up the prices of Valentines flowers! Why do they have to rocket sky high, surely us florists must be cashing in on this time of year? Deliberately raiding the wallets of the poor romantic souls...
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Fresh Flowers professionally arranged and delivered to your front door.


What a lovely idea… We all love fresh flowers in our home or workspace and we know sometimes where convenience is key, the supermarket just doesn’t cut it. So here’s our offering to you… Flowers of your choice, professionally arranged to complement your environment and delivered to your front door. All you have to do...
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