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Rule Blooming Britannia!


Hello there floral followers, we hope you are feeling positively patriotic today because we want to talk to you about British Flowers Week…

From 19th to the 25th June there is a nationwide celebration of the UK cut flower industry. Florists, growers, suppliers, transporters and industry experts will be behind the parapets and flying the flag for the stunning, super fresh and seasonal blooms that we have on offer, right here in Blighty!

Almost forgotten, in favour of foreign imports, the British flower has made a comeback with an increasing demand for locally grown blooms for weddings and special occasions. Capturing the scent of our countryside, British flowers have a natural charm, a just-picked freshness and offer great value for money; especially when in season of course, because the quality is high and the price is low.

Celebrating British Flowers Week first started at the New Covent Garden Flower Market 5 years ago and has transformed into an annual celebration of the beauty and variety of British cut flowers and foliage. The event supports growers, independent florists-like us “yay” and is great for local industry, British farming and wildlife. Today we have a network of 500 artisan cut flower growers all over the UK, promoting British blooms in every vase.

Here at Sophie’s we use British flower supplier RM Flowers in Nottingham and source the freshest that this little island has to offer from Lincolnshire, Cornwall and everywhere in between.

You can find all the latest pictures and posts related to this on the magical tinterweb using the hashtag #BritishFlowersWeek

To help you get the most from your lisianthus here are our top tips on how to care for your British stems:

  • Don’t be dirty! Or at least when it comes to your glassware and ceramics. Make sure that your vase is squeaky clean before introducing a new arrangement so that pesky bacteria don’t have the chance to ruin your beautiful British blooms.


  • Get trimming, everyone loves a drink! Any flower will seriously benefit from having its stem trimmed as it increases the surface area for the flower to take in water. Trim at precisely 45° please…we will be checking!


  • Never leave leaves when the level hast leaven… Nope, we aren’t sure what that one means either. What we do know is that you should take off any leaves from your flower that will be sitting below the water level in your vase…or else you’ll have pond water in no time!


  • Ice and a slice? Good plain ol’ tap water is just fine. If you make sure that you change it regularly, you will notice that your flowers last even longer at home.


  • Out with the old, in with the new. Vintage and box fresh are both fine by us, just never put the two together in any sort of fancy floral frippery. Always stay away from mixing old blooms with fresh ones.


  • Keep cool, calm and carry on… The environment you put your flowers in will have an effect on how long you have left to admire them. Put them in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight and you will be swooning for 10 days or more. But put them near a radiator or in a sunny window and your frillies will be flaccid before you can say flumping foxgloves.


  • Don’t you get fruity with me sunshine! Ready for a geek-off? Right, let’s go…Fruit and vegetables give off a fancy-sounding chemical called Ethylene that promotes ripening. So, while it makes your peaches sweet it will make your flowers flop. Keep them separate if you can!

Alright, we’ve told you what to do and let you know what’s going on. The wheels of floral industry won’t keep turning without us, so until next time lovelies…