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Ahoy there!


Gosh, it’s been ages, where have you been? We’ve missed you so much. What? Wait! We’re the ones who’ve been missing, you say? Oh, well yes…urm…wow, where do we start? Perennially profuse and variegated apologies to you all!

While we’ve been gone, a lot has been going on down at the bottom of the floral fairies’ garden…our little minds have been bursting with ideas and our hands have been busy little bees, twining and trimming a pollinium of explosive designs into reality.

That’s not all that has pollinated either…

Since we’ve been away from the old blogatorium, queen of the fairies Sophie has been busy making more than bouquets for the brides and beauties of England, she is so clever that she even made a brand new human being…

We would like to introduce the irresistible, the scrumptious and the magnanimous: Otto Beowulf!

Named after a hero of the Geats and a Roman Emperor, the little boon burst onto the flower scene on the 5th February. Just like a little acorn, he is backpacking on his mama oak to flower HQ and, even though he is a tad small to help out, he is learning the ropes and only too pleased to meet and greet our beloved floral visitors.

OK, so this new recruit was made from scratch and he is pretty special, but there are some other new faces we would like you to meet too…

Introducing “Gerty”, real name Sophie but that is way too confusing so we renamed her to avoid stupefaction on the old telecommunication transmission device. She loves peonies, unicorns and flamingos…of course there were some other bits on her CV too, but she had us hooked at ‘unicorns’.

Next up we have Caren, a one woman rainbow who adores the bright, the bold and has duly been awarded the formidable title of Chief Colour Specialist.

There is Julie, “Jools” or “Julips”. The newbie. In a nutshell, she is outdoorsy, has a gorgeous black lab and freelances with us when the going gets tough and the fairies get busy.

The pretty-headed apprentice Charlotte is a brand-spanker and we are looking forward to taking under our fairy wings and teaching her our naughty ways…

Countess Kyra, Queen of logistics is a one woman van driving, delivering wonder. Expert tea brewer, endorphin provider and all round support superstar.

Now for the boys….There is Drew, our guest member for the bigger projects. He is a freelancing floral wizard who whips up displays at record breaking speed with finesse and precision. Bit of a tart to the Pinot Grigio, can’t say we blame him.

Twit twoo! The rambunctious Louis, long standing member of the team and now features mainly for guest appearances as an all-round maestro at anything from ‘bucket scrubber’ to full on wedding auxiliary. Louis adores fashion and is Beyoncé’s No1 fan.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is “Owen”, a cheeky little ratbag who idolises Jamie Vardy and whose OCD is very handy for cleaning and organising us all.

We’re all winners…

With such a crack team on board HMS Flowers, it was lovely to get a cheeky pat on the bottom with a stupendous win at this year’s TWIA Wedding Industry Awards, collecting the prize for Wedding Florist of the Year in the East Midlands.

Entrants from 26 categories and 11 regions across the UK were scored across both products and services, subjected to a strict rigorous judging scrutiny and shortlisting process. It made it all the more special knowing that the brains behind the buzzers were the highly regarded judges Shane Connolly-Royal florist, Paula Pryke-world renowned florist and the multi award-winning floral designer Kerry Booker. 

And finally…

Let’s not forget that the annual pilgrimage to floral mecca is currently taking place at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show #rhschelsea2017. It’s more than just a chance to swoon at the delicious Monty Don, it was a feast for the senses with scent, sound and sculpture taking centre stage in floristry and floral design this year.

We are huge fans of David Austin roses so were delighted to see that they have named a sumptuous apricot variety after one of our own favourites, the insurmountable Dame Judi Dench. Alongside Allium explosions, there were Trumpets of Zantedeschia and tall, dark and handsome Delphiums to enchant visitors.

We’ve been taking note in order to fill our creative juice jugs and marvel at the floral trailblazers’ botanical discoveries. If you have been inspired by the show, and want to create something you have seen at your wedding or even in your home, pop in and we’ll be only too happy to get creative with you.

Wow, that was a mouthful. Anyway, that’s quite enough from us for now…we’ll see you soon